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Four of the Best Alternatives to Amazon Prime

Amazon's Prime membership provides shoppers with free shipping and various discounts. Members can save a substantial amount of cash if they make numerous purchases. However, some customers want to find better alternatives because they feel that Amazon employs unethical practices or charges too much money for membership.

1. Target REDcard

Target offers REDcard debit and credit cards with some of the same benefits as Prime. Members receive free shipping and a 5 percent discount on the majority of products at, Target department stores and in-store Starbucks cafes. Membership remains free, but other fees and finance charges may apply.

2. CVS CarePass

Shoppers spend less than half of Amazon Prime's price when they join this program and pay annually. It provides free shipping on most orders with no minimum. The membership also includes a monthly $10 credit and the ability to speak to a pharmacist by phone at any hour. It reduces non-sale prices of CVS-branded products by 20 percent as well, so you don't have to wait for a sale when you need health-related items.

3. Newegg Premier offers an alternative that generally costs more than ShopYourWay Max and REDcard but less than Prime. Members benefit from complimentary shipping, restocking and expedited processing. Newegg also provides them with special price reductions. This shopping website sells electronics, computer equipment, appliances and other products.

4. Costco Executive

Executive members face a substantial yearly fee, but they receive significant discounts on Costco services, in-store products and online merchandise. The company also gives back 2 percent of the money that these customers spend. A shopper who pays $6,000 for Costco goods and services would earn $120.

All of these Amazon Prime alternatives provide effective ways to cut the cost of shopping at major retailers with massive product selections. The best choice differs depending on a person's favorite stores and buying habits. For example, CVS CarePass and REDcard are more likely to yield savings for occasional shoppers with limited budgets.

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