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Review: Freelance Writing For Constant Content
A Constant Content writer review from February, 2019

Constant Content is an online marketplace where writers can sell articles to businesses and organizations that need material for their websites, blogs, newsletters or other publications. It has provided content to more than 50,000 clients. They include major companies like CVS, Sears, Uber, Home Depot and eBay. Authors may pick the writing subjects and set their own prices.

Choosing Topics

Before you write your first piece for Constant Content, you need to select a topic. Almost anything might sell on CC, but you'll probably have better luck with these categories: business ownership/management, real estate, home improvement, health, finance, marketing, technology. Most of my sold articles have supplied small business advice or shopping tips.

If you need ideas, look at CC's lists of recently sold topics and popular search phrases. Keep in mind that seasonal or holiday themes often boost sales. Try to find a way to differentiate your material from existing similar articles. It's also possible to create content on specific topics that CC customers have requested; I haven't tried this yet.

Submitting Articles

After completing and carefully proofreading your text, you can log in and click "submit article" in the drop-down menu. You'll need to select the most relevant category and describe your piece in at least three sentences. Formatting remains optional; it's acceptable to paste text-only material.

At a minimum, each article must consist of 230 words (including the title). You can request $7 or more; consider charging $0.08 to $0.12 per word. Many items fetch $15 to $85. For example, I sold a 517-word business article for $49.95. Keep in mind that CC takes a cut of the earnings to pay its staff, fund marketing efforts and so on.

UPDATE: Although this company accepted many pieces as short as 230 words until recently, its policy seems to have changed. An editor rejected several articles in February 2019 because they contained less than 400 words. The explanation mentioned that CC prefers at least 600 words but may accept as few as 400. In January, Constant Content's blog strongly recommended the use of 700-2,500 word articles.

Editing Process

Although I waited somewhat longer during December, it frequently takes five to eight days for CC to approve new pieces or request revisions. The company limits how much material you may submit at first, but it lifts this restriction after approving the first 10 articles.

I can offer a few tips based on CC's feedback. The editors maintain fairly high standards. They don't want authors to write in the first-person perspective, include ampersands in titles or use acronyms without clearly identifying their meanings. Be sure to focus on maximizing clarity. Most editors appreciate it when a writer's conclusion paragraph provides a summary of the most important points.

Website Review

The CC website generally works well, even if you have a fairly slow internet connection. I did encounter one significant technical glitch in early February; fortunately, a staff member quickly corrected the problem after I sent an email message. If you have trouble finding the "login" or "logout" link, look under "Get Content" near the bottom of the page.

Constant Content's website features an optional referral program. You can earn residual income if you refer new writers to CC and they successfully sell articles. This doesn't affect the referred author's earnings. If you appreciate the tips and information in this review, please use my CC link to sign up.

Sales, Payment

It can take days, months or years for someone to buy an approved article. I've sold several pieces in less than two months. Your material might sell faster if you choose a desirable pen name, add appealing information to your profile and use links to help promote the content. This company reliably pays twice every month via PayPal.

The bottom line is that Constant Content provides relatively high pay and offers freelance writers the freedom to choose their own topics. Although it took some patience to get started, I appreciate the well-designed website, rapid payments and lack of deadlines. You can become a CC author by clicking here and scrolling down to "want to write for us?"

DISCLOSURE: The author of this review uses CC's referral program and may receive compensation if you sign up using one of the links on this page.

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