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ContentGather Review For Article Buyers

When companies need unique text for their blogs, websites or periodicals, ContentGather can provide this material. The firm was established in 2016 and has offices in Greenville, South Carolina. It ranks among the biggest alternatives to Constant Content. Before writing this detailed review, I bought several CG articles.

Finding Content

This company's website lets clients browse titles by category or search for specific words. The database contains material on a wide range of topics, including health, nutrition, home repair, business, cars, technology, pets, gardening and shopping. You can see an excerpt of each article as well as the rating assigned by a CG editor.

ContentGather lets customers sort listings by price, length or rating. You may look at a profile of each author as well. Unfortunately, the website doesn't appear to have an advanced search function. This makes it harder to find something specific, such as articles under 400 words with high scores. Costs range from one to 10 cents per word.

Depositing Funds

After you locate some appealing content, you'll need to send a payment to CG before you can purchase it. The company lets clients use debit/credit cards or money from their PayPal accounts. You'll have to pay an extra 50 cents if you deposit less than $10. The payment form provides a coupon-code field; the code PLUS10 may or may not still work.

ContentGather has a referral program, so you can earn extra cash by referring fellow clients as well as new writers. It pays a 5 percent commission on deposits. If you find the facts and advice in this review to be helpful, please consider using my ContentGather link when you sign up for this service.

Content Quality

I found that it took a little effort to find suitable material, but the quality ratings came in handy. The website offers rather competitive pricing. I bought six inexpensive articles and used CopyScape to check for plagiarism. Happily, all of them passed this test with no matches.

I was fairly impressed with the quality and didn't notice any factual errors. One article used repetitive language in two places. The least expensive piece lacked an introduction, but it offered interesting, well-researched facts. This material needed some edits to meet my standards; editing might have been avoided if I'd spent somewhat more.

If you can't find the right content, you may request a custom article. You'll need to specify the desired length and quality level. The expense ranges from $0.02 to $0.12/word. Clients face an extra 20 percent fee if they want the optional editing service. I haven't tried to place any custom orders.

Although its search interface could use a little improvement, CG offers an appealing selection of well-written material at affordable prices. You can identify desirable articles by carefully examining the excerpts, ratings and other details. To get started, please visit ContentGather and select "Sign Up" from the menu near the top of the page.

DISCLOSURE: The author may receive compensation if you register for the service using a link on this website. Nonetheless, the review only contains honest, accurate information.

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