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Review: Holmes 4" Heritage USB Desk Fan Model HNF0466

During hot weather, it's nice to have a compact electric fan that you can easily place right next to you in many different locations. It has been a relatively hot, humid summer around here. Fortunately, I bought a small Holmes fan back in May.

This easy-to-use unit produces a pleasant breeze. It has an attractive copper color and is almost entirely made out of metal. A single switch turns it on and off. This model doesn't have speed settings and it won't oscillate, but it does tilt up and down.

The Holmes HNF0466 comes with a USB cord but doesn't include a power cable. You'll need to have a computer, AC adapter or other device with a USB port. Many vehicles also feature jacks that can power the fan. I appreciate how this design frees up a standard electrical outlet.

In addition to the above-mentioned cord, you'll find a small "Owner's Guide" inside of the cardboard box. This booklet features a one-year warranty and instructions on setting up, using and adjusting the fan. It also explains how to remove the front grille for cleaning.

The HNF0466 creates a limited amount of noise that usually isn't bothersome. I've noticed that the noise level varies a bit depending on its placement. A textured layer of rubber on the base helps the unit run quietly and stay in one place.

So far, this product has worked reliably and performs well. I like the retro design. It doesn't move a tremendous amount of air, but you can't expect that from a four-inch fan. It's great to see a new device that consists of far more metal than plastic. Kmart sells it for $9.99.

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