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NordicTrack 9-volt Adapter Model 15655 Review & Facts

Many fitness machines need electrical energy to power their screens and make resistance adjustments. Some models also provide audio amplification for people with portable CD or MP3 players. Unfortunately, these features can increase operating costs and produce waste by depleting numerous "D" batteries.

The good news is that you can eliminate the need for battery power by energizing your fitness equipment with an AC adapter. Most machines have electrical input jacks. However, it's crucial to select a product that supplies the appropriate amount of volts and amps while using the correct polarity. The wrong unit won't work and could possibly damage your machine.

NordicTrack's 9-volt adapter can power various ellipticals and exercise bicycles. Model 15655 comes in a plastic package and has a black exterior. It delivers up to two amps; this is more energy than many 9V adapters supply. If you shop for this unit in a store, you'll probably find it hanging on a wall or freestanding rack.

This product has been confirmed to work with some NordicTrack and ProForm machines, such as the ProForm 230 U upright bike. In some ways, it also appears to improve performance in comparison to batteries. An alkaline or carbon-zinc "D" battery's voltage fluctuates as the amount of energy decreases, but an AC cord delivers power consistently.

Certain models need a different adapter, such as the NordicTrack 14730. It produces six volts and two amps. The manufacturer doesn't publish lists of compatible machines and seems reluctant to answer questions about these products. Oddly enough, some models that run on four "D" batteries require six volts while others need nine.

You can directly order an adapter from your bike or elliptical's manufacturer; see its website for details. Both the NordicTrack 14730 and 15655 are also available from Sears. This retailer charges significantly less for adapters than ProForm's website, and its employees can answer questions about compatibility.

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