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QFX R39 Review: Radio and MP3 Player with a Flashlight

The QFX R39 is a compact yet versatile device that combines a nine-band radio with an MP3 music player and a convenient flashlight. After nine months of occasional use, it continues to perform well. The R39 has a relatively sturdy design, and it's easy to use in most ways.


This radio's built-in speaker boasts a stylish metal grille and delivers impressive audio despite its small size. Unfortunately, it lacks an earphone jack. The analog volume control allows for precise adjustments if you move it very carefully. However, you won't find any bass or treble knobs on this unit.


This model delivers decent AM/FM reception and basic shortwave coverage. It takes a little effort to find and tune in stations on the unit's narrow tuning scale, but this isn't unusual for a pocket radio. The 12.75-inch telescopic antenna doesn't rotate; it swings from left to right. A red indicator light shines when a strong station is detected.

MP3 Player

The R39 features two slots marked "USB" and "TF." If you insert a flash drive and move the function switch to "MP3," it will play any MP3 files on the drive. This unit successfully plays short songs as well as lengthy podcasts. It seems to work more reliably than older MP3 players from the same brand. Buttons enable the user to easily play, pause, replay or skip MP3s.


This feature-packed device even offers a fairly bright flashlight. A switch on the top turns it on and off. The light consists of three LEDs surrounded by a reflective material. It can operate at the same time as the radio receiver or MP3 player. When using it as a flashlight, keep in mind that this model isn't waterproof.


Although it doesn't come with an electrical cord, you can power the R39 in several different ways. It includes a special 3.7-volt rechargeable battery. This device can also run on the energy derived from three standard or rechargeable "AA" batteries. Additionally, it's possible to power the radio with a five-volt DC adapter. Some cellphone chargers are compatible.

While you might prefer a larger unit if you dislike small controls or want to tune in weak stations, the QFX R39 offers an appealing solution for someone who seeks quality audio in a highly portable device. The price makes it appealing even if you only desire an MP3 player or an FM radio with a flashlight.

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