Discover New Websites with Tips

Shared wi-fi and dial-up are fast when you use these links, tools and tips...

Tips: If you want a stock quote and graph, enter the stock symbol as a search at Google.

You can also type a city/state name and "weather" to check the current temperature and forecast (example: "Austin, Texas weather"). Google provides phone numbers, zip codes, word definitions and current local times as well.

You can change the background color of by clicking one of the color links near the bottom of the homepage. To save your color and zip code preferences, bookmark/favorite after doing so.

If a website asks you to install Flash Player, click the "cancel" button and most of the page will probably work fine. This may happen if an advertisement on the page involves flash content (often slow).

When an order or checkout form doesn't work, see if the shopping website offers a phone number or mail-in order form. This option is available at many retailers. If not, you probably need a newer browser.

Check out these links for more help... Optimize Dial-Up Performance - More Advice - Landline Tips

Recommended Web Browsers: The latest well-known browsers may help you access the widest variety of websites, but they can drastically increase loading times on relatively slow connections. It's crucial to choose a highly efficient browser.

Opera 9.26 is fairly old, but it correctly displays just about all of the websites on this page. It loads Google search results almost instantly on dial-up and generally performs better than other browsers. To maximize speed, select "No images" under "Images" in the "View" menu.

You can download Opera 9.26 for free (for Windows 9x/2K/XP and possibly beyond; only 4 megabytes). Opera 12 (9mb, Win2000 and up; try with/without Opera Turbo) takes somewhat longer to download and occasionally crashes, but it successfully displays more websites. Consider using QtWeb 3.8.5 (8mb, WinXP and up) as well.

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