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Review: Unirex USFP-204 Push 4GB 2.0 USB Flash Drive

I recently ordered a four-gigabyte flash drive from Sears. A higher capacity wouldn't have cost much more, but I'm unlikely to fill the entire 4GB (let alone 8 or 32). I've been using it intermittently for about one month.

So far, this Unirex product has worked reliably and quickly. The USB plug hides in the black plastic housing when it's not in use. It protrudes from the end with a "click" if I push the red button at the other end.

The plug retracts as soon as I press the button again. An advantage of this design is that there's no separate cap, so you won't have to worry about dropping or misplacing it. The USFP-204 is smaller than many thumb drives as well.

This unit also features a bright red light that blinks when the device saves or transfers data. You might find its brightness a little annoying if you use the drive to play long MP3 files. I cover it with a small piece of fabric.

This thumb drive operates using USB version 2.0. I didn't need to install drivers or download any updates. While you might be able to transfer data more rapidly with a USB 3.0 drive, numerous computing devices don't support version 3.0.

To sum it up, the Unirex USFP-204 4GB Push Flash Drive provides a convenient, compact solution for portable data storage. You can purchase this product for less than $10, especially when you have ShopYourWay points. I'll update the review if I notice any changes.

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